Birth Preparation Private Sessions

Nurture and Grow birth preparation classes are tailored to your needs whether you are first time parents, or having your fourth baby! Our highly qualified and experienced midwives will come to your home and provide an evidence based, up to date, relevant birthing class session to help you be ready for your upcoming birth.

Birth prep sessions are offered as two classes of two hours each, or as a single session of four hours.

We can present a range of topics, depending on your needs. Birth Preparation sessions are just $400.

Childbirth Education Classes Topics

  • Choices for your pregnancy and birthing journey
  • Development of a birth plan/preferences
  • Understanding normal physiological birth and our amazing birth hormones
  • Relaxation techniques in birthing
  • Body knowledge and awareness
  • Non-drug alternatives for effective pain relief in labour
  • Pharmacological pain relief in the hospital setting
  • What your birth partner can do to help
  • The use of massage and touch in labour
  • Active positioning in labour
  • Creating your positive birthing space and birthing in water
  • Preparation for vaginal birth after caesarean (VBAC) if applicable
  • Introduction to caesarean section for those planning elective caesarean
  • Discussion surrounding common hospital interventions and procedures (vacuum and forceps)
  • Your baby, breastfeeding and the early days & weeks of parenting.

Birth Preparation sessions are only $400. These information packed sessions will leave you feeling well prepared for your upcoming birth experience! Give us a call today to book your in-home private session.

Receiving one on one Childbirth Education Classes support from a midwife
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