Postnatal Services

As well as being a time of intense excitement and happiness, the first few weeks at home with your new baby can be confusing, exhausting and exasperating. With less traditional support such as relatives available to help, families increasingly rely on community, social and professional networks to provide care and support. We are here to fill that gap and make sure that you get the vital post natal support you need and deserve throughout your pregnancy experience.


By receiving early care and advice that is consistent, you may prevent difficulties from arising in the postnatal period. Up to 6 postnatal visits for just $990.

After the birth of your baby, when you have returned home with your precious bundle, Nurture and Grow will provide in home professional midwifery support for up to six weeks to help you make a smooth transition. During your home visits you can expect us to provide the following Post Natal services.


PostNatal Services

  • Provide one to one care with a midwife
  • Visit between 9.30am and 4pm
  • Support with feeding your baby from a qualified lactation consultant
  • Advice on helping your baby to settle and sleep
  • Monitor baby’s weight, and provide regular baby health checks
  • Assist with cord care, jaundice management
  • Complete your postnatal checks, including perineal and wound care
  • Provide you with support, guidance and reassurance
  • Advise on diet and nutrition, baby blues
  • Provide referrals, where necessary, to other high quality local health professionals
  • Provide contact with community supports
  • Up to 6 postnatal visits over 6 weeks.


The package includes home visits from the first day you arrive home from Hospital.


Consultations are up to 2 hours in length and you are seen at day 1, 2, and 5 after discharge.


Further visits will be offered depending on what is required, from week 2-5, with a final visit at the beginning of week six.


Nurture and Grow midwives will also be available for phone advice during business hours.


For the care mum and bub need and deserve, our Postnatal Services are $990 in total. Book your post natal care today!

postnatal services
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